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Old Datca  - Eski DatcaWith a population of just 8000 Datca is a little nice Turkish village,  The Datca peninsula have the most beautiful natural surroundings: It is surrounded by the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea from the North and South respectively. You also get a great picture of the Greek islands Kos, Simi and Rhodos from this peninsula.

Datca is a place that showcases the actual Turkish essence, the village is well known for the fresh air rich with Oxygen and low humidity. There is a constant breeze that cools the environment even during months with high temperatures. Moreover the sea offers a spectacular view to the beauty of nature and you can experience greatly pacifying natural environment along the bays and the coastline.

Approximately 4 kms from Datca lies Old Datca or as locally called "Eski Datca". This was the traditional center of Datca. If you move around this place you would believe that you have traveled back in time and can see architecture which is centuries old.  Datca real estate possesses the old style houses which are still standing strong along the narrow streets of the village.  Since the place is highly unexplored you would not find a luxe accommodation.

The extreme of the peninsula has the remains of Cnidus which used to be a harbor town. During ancient times the ship stopped here for the favorable winds. Among the various ships that packed this harbor was the one which Paulus used to travel from Palestine to Rome. Various trade ports towards the south can still be identified; you can also see the remains of a market place, the town hall and a couple of theatres. The statue of the Aphrodite of Cnidus which brought in a lot of Roman visitors can also be seen.

Eski Datca holidays will appeal to explorers too. Take off in a hire car to discover the peninsula's untouched beauty, almond groves and private, brilliant-blue coves. Wow at the ancient ruins of Knidos on the peninsula's western tip, discover forgotten villages, take a boat to bustling Bodrum or just lie on a beach, perfecting your tan. That's the beauty of Eski Datca holidays – it's totally up to you.

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